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Life Biosciences

Life Biosciences is a pioneering company focused on the development of therapeutics targeting the biology of aging. Based in Boston, MA, the company aims to improve the lives of people as they age through a platform approach, developing therapeutics that can reverse and prevent multiple age-related conditions. The company's work is founded on groundbreaking science from world-class researchers and is underpinned by exclusive licenses with leading academic institutions, supported by strong patents. Life Biosciences is distinguished by its broad yet specific approach to longevity and diseases of aging, leveraging the latest in genomics, epigenetics, and metabolism to understand the mechanisms behind aging. Life Biosciences represents a significant force in the field of longevity research, aiming not just to extend life but to enhance the quality of life as we age, with an ambitious goal of addressing all major mechanisms of aging through its diverse and integrated family of companies

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